State Dept. To Release Overdue Human Rights Reports Thursday, June 25

Rear Admiral (Ret.) John Kirby, a spokesperson for the State Department, announced Monday the department will publish its 2014 Human Right Reports on Thursday, June 25 – five days before the June 30 deadline for the Obama administration to wrap up negotiations with Iran over a nuclear deal, and 120 days past its federally mandated Feb. 25 deadline for publication.

June 25 is also the day after Secretary of State John Kerry concludes his meetings with Chinese leaders who will be visiting Washington, D.C., June 23-24. During the meetings, Kerry and the Chinese will discuss “cyber security” and “human rights,” Kirby said at a press briefing Monday.

At Tuesday’s briefing, Kirby told reporters, “Thursday the 25th, we will release our annual Human Rights Report. Although I don’t have the specific time and details of how that’s all going to unfold, we’re working on that today. I expect that we’ll have a more detailed advisory note out to you guys later today with more specifics. But I did want you to know that that is going to happen on Thursday.”