Skin-Care Ingredients Americans Use That Are Banned in Other Countries

When we put lotion on our face or shampoo in our hair, most of us figure we’re doing something that will make us look a little nicer and maybe even make us a little healthier.
After all, the ingredients in skin-care products sold in the United States  must be proven to be safe and healthy, right?
The Food and Drug Administration has no authority over skin-care products or cosmetics. The fact is, many ingredients Americans slather onto their bodies are banned in other countries.
U.S. cosmetic companies are allowed to use virtually any raw material in their products they wish, with the exceptions of color additives and ingredients classified as drugs. No government approval is needed.
More than 500 cosmetic products sold in the U.S. contain ingredients that are banned in Japan, Canada, or Europe.
“Many of these chemicals are considered safe in low doses by themselves,” Nneka Leiba, a senior analyst at the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a consumer organization, tells Newsmax Health. “What we are concerned about is the damage they can cause repetitively over time and synergistically with each other. There is no research or data for this.”