Should Tampons Be Free?

Should women be given free tampons? That’s what columnist Jessica Valenti argues for in her latest article for Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

Valenti claims that because women make up half the world’s population and need feminine hygiene products (unlike her headline, the article is not specific to tampons) for a good chunk of their lives, they should be free.

“But this is less an issue of costliness than it is of principle: menstrual care is health care, and should be treated as such,” Valenti wrote.

I would counter that food is something that 100 percent of the population needs, multiple times a day, every day of their lives. Shouldn’t that be treated as health care?

Valenti’s “give me free stuff because, woman” argument* seems much less extreme when she suggests simply making feminine hygiene products exempt from sales tax or tax deductible.