Shocker: HHS Obamacare Technology Has Yet Another Glitch

There’s yet another problem with technology the Obama administration is using to approve health insurance plans for Obamacare regulations, The Washington Post reports

Flaws in a calculator the Obama administration created to approve group health coverage is causing the federal government to okay health plans that don’t cover hospitalization costs and other benefits supposed to be required by the Affordable Care Act.

The Department of Health and Human Services created the calculator for self-insured employers, which encompasses most large firms, to ensure that health insurance offers meet standards. Consumer advocates told the Post that the flawed calculator allow “inexpensive, substandard medical insurance” without triggering Obamacare penalties.

“There are a lot of errors in the calculator,” Shannon Demaree, actuarial services director at broker Lockton Companies, told the Post. “It allows more plans to pass as qualifying coverage than we believe really do.”