Shock Investigation: IRS Makes Half-Billion Goof on Obamacare

A new scandal has hit the Affordable Care Act, with a government probe revealing the IRS shelled out $572 million in excess Obamacare tax credits and sent the wrong forms to over half a million Americans.

Results of the investigation released by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration chalked up the embarrassing snafu to a computer programming error, The Washington Free Beacon reports.

The inspector general poured over the IRS’s verification of Obamacare’s Premium Tax Credits, which help low and medium-income individuals and families by health insurance.

It turns out that individuals who claimed a total of about $240 million in advance payments, actually received in excess of $572 million in excess advance payments.

The probe also revealed a computer glitch that resulted in more than half a million individuals being sent incorrect health insurance forms.