She Worked at Planned Parenthood For 17 Years. Now She Shares Her Story.

(Correction: This article originally stated Sue Thayer quit. However, she was let go from Planned Parenthood, and the headline and lede have been corrected to reflect that.)

After working at Planned Parenthood for more than 17 years, Sue Thayer was let go. Now she’s alleging that the nation’s largest abortion provider “is more concerned about its bottom line than it is about the health and safety of women.”

But the organization’s financial records weren’t Thayer’s only problem with Planned Parenthood.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Signal, Thayer, who served as the center manager of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland’s Storm Lake, Iowa, clinic, discusses in detail what she calls “webcam abortions” and why she took issue with the controversial practice.

“Webcam abortions,” technically known as telemedical abortions, use specialized technology and equipment to allow women to terminate a pregnancy by communicating with a doctor using some type of video-conferencing equipment. Critics say it leaves patients undersupervised.