Sex, Lies, and ObamaCare

Before “if you like your plan, you can keep it,” the Obama left made a whole spate of false promises in the realm of sexuality.

It’s worth connecting the dots between the folly of ObamaCare, an issue for which I wasn’t personally on the front lines, and the sweeping folly of sexual radicalism, an issue for which I was.

In the rhetorical battlefield over sex and sexuality, the left rehearsed and perfected public-opinion warfare.  These seasoned tactics led to the triumphal hubris of ObamaCare and the collateral damage of its inexorable implosion.  Pick your antique allegory of overconfidence: the Tower of Babel, King Midas, Agamemnon, Icarus, Phaethon, Prometheus.  Old lessons are usually learned the hard way.

When I refer to radical experiments, I do not strictly mean “ligbitist” or LGBT ideology. The Sexual Revolution, no-fault divorce, artificial reproductive technology, commercialized adoption, aggressive abortion funding, egg harvesting, sexual education in schools, transgender locker room access, pornography, and over-reliance on condoms are all part of the larger sexual Hindenburg (h/t to Constance Jacobs for this metaphor) that predated and led to the health care Hindenburg.

The specific culpability of the ligbitists lies in the proportionality of their folly.  Feminists had legitimate gripes regarding 50% of humanity and came up with a mix of responses to the plight of women — some helpful (like more awareness of rape) and others destructive (like the Slut Walk and gender-neutral pronouns in Swedish).

LGBT ideology was based on the whims of a tiny number of people — less than 1% of the world population, realistically speaking.