Sex Abuse by UN “Peace” Troops Becoming Global Scandal

Hundreds of Haitian women and children were raped and sexually abused by predators in the United Nations “peace” military, according to a draft UN report obtained by the Associated Press, adding to a growing deluge of sex and murder scandals surrounding the controversial “blue helmets.” The news comes just months after UN troops in Mali slaughtered unarmed civilian protesters and UN forces in the Central African Republic were exposed systematically raping children as young as nine years old. Of course, the latest scandals also follow decades of similar abuses by UN forces, especially across Africa.

In response to the mushrooming scandals surrounding predatory UN troops who rape and abuse civilians, the tyrant-dominated global outfit is reportedly working a plan for paternity testing to uncover so-called “peacekeeper babies.” But instead of truly dealing with the grotesque revelations, the UN is busy persecuting whistleblowers who exposed the horrors while plotting ever-grander “peace” missions by its military forces. It also claims giving more power to the UN would help the problem. Critics worldwide and from across the political spectrum, however, say it is time for real investigations and an end to UN impunity.

The latest shoe to drop in the long line of horrific UN sexual-abuse scandals surrounds a draft report by the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS). According to the official document, first reported by the AP, UN troops coerced 225 Haitian women and children into “transactional sex” in exchange for food, medicine, clothing, and other goods funded by taxpayers worldwide. About a third of those victims were minors who were raped. Of course, the real number of victims is far, far larger, as even the UN admits that rape and sexual abuse by UN “peace” forces is drastically underreported.

Often, despite having purported “immunity” from consequences, UN officials conspire to cover it up, and the victims generally know nothing about how to pursue justice against the heavily armed rapists and predators. “Only seven interviewees [out of 231] knew about the United Nations policy prohibiting sexual exploitation and abuse,” the report is quoted as saying about the victims it interviewed, adding that not a single victim knew about a supposed “hotline” to report abuse, exploitation, and rape by UN forces. The UN document also says that each of the instances of sexual exploitation and abuse in the report would be considered prohibited, “thus demonstrating significant underreporting.”