Sens. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee Bash Health Law, Obama at GOP Conference

Tea party favorites and Republican U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee condemned the federal health care law and the Obama administration to a crowd about 1,000 Utah Republican faithful Friday night.

Cruz, speaking in front of a giant American flag, called President Barack Obama “the most lawless President” in the nation’s history, criticizing decisions from his administration to delay parts of the health law and deciding not to go after states legalizing marijuana.

Cruz’s speech closed out a two-day conference of western Republican leaders from about a dozen states, who gathered in Utah to discuss public lands and campaign strategies, among other issues.

The crowd gave Cruz several standing ovations during his 20 minute speech, including when he called for abolishing the Internal Revenue Service and repealing the health care law.

Cruz, potential 2016 presidential candidate, led a fight last fall that precipitated the 16-day partial government shutdown over opposition to President Barack Obama’s health care law.