Senate Republicans Join Dems to Block Obamacare Fraud Probe

It’s fair to say that one of the least popular senators on Capitol Hill these days is Louisiana’s David Vitter — and that the displeasure extends to Democrats and many of his fellow Republicans alike.

Vitter, who is running for governor this year, hasn’t won himself a lot of friends among his Senate colleagues with his determined effort to force members of Congress and their staffers to sign up for Obamacare, so they can experience what their constituents are dealing with — which all too often is chaos and frustration.

This background may help explain why Vitter, chairman of the Senate Small Business Committee, suffered an unusual rebuke Thursday, when Republicans on the panel joined Democrats in voting against his efforts to investigate what he suspects is fraud committed by some congressional staffers in connection with enrollment in Obamacare.

Vitter was demanding unredacted copies of health insurance applications used by members of Congress to enroll in the small-business exchange. The Louisiana lawmaker alleged that congressional staff had falsified documents in order to allow members of Congress and their staff to receive subsidized insurance, The Hill reported.