Senate Republicans Fact-Check Obama On Obamacare

The Senate Budget Committee’s Republican staffers once again took aim at President Obama’s claims about the Affordable Care Act Thursday.

“Health care has long been the single-biggest driver of America’s future deficits,” Obama said in a recent speech at Northwestern University. “It’s been the single-biggest driver of our debt. Health care is now the single-biggest factor driving down those deficits.”

The deficit has been falling in the past few years and has reached a six-year low, but the Congressional Budget Office projects it will rise along with the debt in coming years.

Obama has said he would not sign a law that increased the deficit, but Obamacare alone is expected to increase the deficit by more than $100 billion over the next ten years, according to a Senate Republican Budget Committee staff analysis based on Congressional Budget Office and Joint Committee on Taxation data.

That deficit will increase to about $6.2 trillion over the next 75 years, a Government Accountability Office study shows.