Senate Reauthorizes Bulletproof Vest Program

The Senate reauthorized a program Wednesday aimed at helping law enforcement agencies get bulletproof vests.
Senators passed the Bulletproof Vest Grant Program Reauthorization by a voice vote, after Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) withdrew an objection to moving forward on the legislation.
Lankford said there are two federal programs that deal with bulletproof vests, and Congress should try to streamline them.
“We have two programs dealing with bulletproof vests, two different systems of actually distributing bulletproof vests from the federal government,” he said. “Two sets of applications, two different sets of personnel to approve those applications.”
He added, “every dollar we spent on the bureaucracy here on duplicative programs is a dollar less that we will spend to buy a bulletproof vest and be able to get it out the door.”