Sebelius Said No Delay Beyond March 31

Do the statements people in this administration mean anything anymore – to anyone?

What about the assurances President Obama has given Americans and the Israelis that he won’t let the Iranians get nuclear weapons, and that he’s willing to use force to prevent it? Who can believe him in the context of all the Obamacare lies?

Here’s HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius JUST TWO WEEKS AGO on March 12 telling Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) that there ain’t gonna be no delay of the enrollment deadline beyond March 31.

The deadline, as you probably know, was just delayed.

From the exchange before the House Ways & Means Committee:

BRADY: Madame Secretary, you were before the committee April of last year – you assured us all that there would be absolutely no more delays in the Affordable Care Act. We’ve seen eight delays since you gave us those assurances, bringing the total now to 35. So, the question is, I think fairly for our families at home, what other delays should they expect . . .

Are you going to delay the open enrollment beyond March 31?

SEBELIUS: No sir . . . There is no delay beyond March 31.

So much contempt.