School Asks Eighth Graders How Far They Would Go Sexually

Parents of a middle school student in San Marcos, Cali., were upset over questions posed to their daughter during an apparent sex-ed lesson.

In a family life and health class lesson purporting to teach “appropriate” dating behaviors for the middle school level, students were asked to disclose how far they’d gone sexually, information parents contend the school has no business knowing.

Students at the Woodland Park Middle School were asked to stand beneath signs labeled, “smiled at, hugged, kissed, above the waist, below the waist, and all the way,” according to KGTV.

The parents of at least one student contacted the news outlet to vent their disgust with the lesson’s perverted nature.

“To put them up in front of their friends to be humiliated or to be asked questions that I believe are personal, it’s really none of the school’s business,” the parent told KGTV.

The parents say their 14-year-old, eighth-grade daughter was embarrassed and disturbed by the lesson, in addition to feeling peer pressured. “For the children to get that confused is just another reason why it shouldn’t even be in the schools,” the parents said.

“The couple says their daughter and her classmates were in disbelief because they thought the teacher wanted to know how far they’ve gone sexually,” reports ABC 10.

The parents are upset they weren’t able to sign off on the lesson, but the school maintains it did indeed send permission slips home notifying parents and that the same lesson had been taught for years.