School Administrators ‘Pick Through Garbage’ to Learn Why Students Won’t Eat Michelle O Lunches

Gwinnett County Schools nutrition and procurement coordinator Karen Hallford knows students don’t much care for whole fruits and vegetables, and they seldom eat cheese stuffed pizza crust.

Hallford and other cafeteria workers in the district regularly pick through students’ finished lunch trays to see what going in the garbage, 11 Alive reports.

“We know what our kids take when they come down the serving lines, we have a really good picture of what’s put on the tray, but we want to know what they’re actually consuming,” Hallford told the news site.

“We randomly select trays as kids are finished with their meals, put them off to the side and then analyze.”

The effort lead to the realization that students will take whole fruits and vegetables, as required by the federal government’s most recent school food regulations, but they don’t usually eat it. They also don’t eat cheese stuffed pizza crusts, officials said.