Rubio Super-PAC Touts Anti-ObamaCare Efforts in New Ad

A Super-PAC backing Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is touting his efforts to undermine ObamaCare in a paid ad that will run in early-voting Iowa and New Hampshire starting this week.

The ad from Conservative Solutions PAC highlights the GOP presidential candidate’s role in creating a budget rider that has helped deplete a key funding pool for health insurance companies, prompting some companies to question the fate of the program.

That funding pool, part of the healthcare law’s “risk corridors” program, is set aside for companies facing higher-than-expected claims.

But a budget rider first implemented in 2014 severely restricts the funding, which means insurance companies were set to receive just 12 cents for every dollar owed to them in 2015.

At least one major insurer, UnitedHealthcare, has pointed to the shaky fate of risk corridors as one reason it may drop out of the ObamaCare marketplaces next year.

Since then, Rubio has often taken credit for inspiring the budget rider, which healthcare experts also widely agree has weakened the risk corridors program.