Rubio: Abortion Rights Arguments ‘Indefensible’

Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) underlined his opposition to abortion Friday, describing arguments used by those defending abortion rights as “truly indefensible.”

“There is, indeed, a fundamental right to control your body. But there’s another right: the right to life,” Rubio said at the National Right to Life Convention in New Orleans, where he was joined by a number of Republican presidential candidates.

“Put another way, the child also has a right to his or her body,” he said.

“What we have are two rights in conflict with one another. Yet immediately, the other side will say, ‘Well, our right to choose is more important than the right of an embryo to live, because it’s not a person,’ ” Rubio continued.

“If [an embryo] is not a person, what is it?” Rubio asked. “Because if you left it alone, that’s the only thing it can become, a person. It cannot develop into a pony, for example.”