Ridiculous EPA Rules Make Wildfires More Dangerous

Occasionally a news story perfectly encapsulates the deceptive, double-dealing, dishonest, disingenuous, double-crossing, duplicitous, underhanded, and unscrupulous nature of B.H. Obama’s cynical contempt for the American people.

From thehill.com we read:

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards are to blame for a freeze in a Pentagon program that provides military equipment to fire departments for fighting wildfires, according to a group of bipartisan senators.

In a letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, 25 senators urge the department to restart the program immediately to help rural communities battle growing wildfires.

The issue: the Department of Defense (DOD) froze two programs that supply communities with trucks, pumps, generators and engine parts.

In all, the excess federal equipment normally provided totals roughly $150 million.

The reason behind the freeze appears to be an agreement made between the DOD and the EPA that prohibits the transfer and use of federal vehicles that don’t meet emission reduction targets.