Rick Perry Takes Sean Hannity on Border Tour That Obama Refused

President Barack Obama declined a visit to the border to see up close the crisis of children crossing illegally from Central America, so Texas Gov. Rick Perry took Fox News host Sean Hannity instead on Thursday.

Obama was in Texas earlier this week for Democratic fundraisers, but said he didn’t need a “photo-op” and was well aware of what is happening on the border.
Hannity showed highlights of the day on his show Thursday night, beginning with a briefing in which the governor and Hannity were warned they would have to remind themselves they are in America because a lot of what they would see would “look like Middle East conflicts.”

During a helicopter flight over the border area, Perry pointed out areas where “strategic fencing” has been put into place. A triple layer of concrete barrier, fencing and a dirt road where border agents can see fresh footprints are used only in more highly populated areas, Perry said, because it makes the most economic sense to do so.

Perry said he prefers to use drone flights to monitor less-frequented areas, with teams of border agents ready to be dispatched whenever illegal crossers are found.

The pair next joined a boat patrol along the Rio Grande. Perry said Texas put the boats in place when it realized “the federal government wasn’t going to act.”