Republicans Divided Over How Far to Go With ObamaCare Repeal

Senate Republicans are divided over how far to go with an ObamaCare repeal bill they plan to send to the president’s desk by year’s end.

Senate GOP leaders have told their members they will repeal as much of the 2010 healthcare reform law as possible, but some Republicans are balking at a proposal to repeal the expansion of Medicaid.

“I am very concerned about the 160,000 people who had Medicaid expansion in my state. I have difficulty with that being included,” said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, a Republican from West Virginia.

Thirty states have accepted the option to expand their Medicaid rolls under ObamaCare, extending the coverage to millions of people.

Many of the states that accepted the expansion are led by Republicans governors — such as John Kasich in Ohio — and some Senate Republicans are reluctant to countermand them.

Sen. John Hoeven (R), who represents North Dakota, where an estimated 19,000 people gained access to Medicaid after Republican Gov. Jack Dalrymple decided to broaden the program, said he was unsure about repealing the expansion.

“We’ve started to talk about it but we haven’t gotten into it in depth,” he said. “I’m going to reserve judgment until I see exactly what we’re going to do.”