Report: States Spending $880 Million to Enforce Obamacare

State and local governments have spent more than $35 billion and 75.5 million paperwork hours enforcing laws signed by President Barack Obama — with the Affordable Care Act eating up $880 million and 27.1 million hours alone, according to a report released Friday.

And with other parts of Obamacare taking effect soon and new EPA regulations on small streams, tributaries, and wetlands issued last week, “these burdens will only escalate,” the American Action Forum (AAF) said in its report.

States “often have to carry the heaviest load dealing with federal requirements,” concluded Sam Batkins, the organization’s director of regulatory policy, concluded. “At $35 billion and more than 75 million hours from the Obama administration alone, there is a reason that many states employ hundreds of compliance personnel dedicated to navigating red tape.