Report: Some Female Capitol Hill Staffers Forbidden to Meet Male Bosses Alone

Some male members of the House and Senate could be breaking the law by not allowing their female staff members to meet alone with them, National Journal reports.

The Journal conducted an anonymous survey of female staffers to find out what obstacles they face and found that some say their careers are hampered by not being allowed the same one-on-one time with their bosses as their male counterparts get.

While those reporting the issue are in the minority, any instance of a woman not getting the same advantages on the job as men is discriminatory and a violation of employment laws, experts told the website. Most staffers the Journal contacted said they had never heard of the practice.

According to those who have worked under such conditions, the purpose of the practice is not a result of a creepy bosses or of female employees acting inappropriately, but rather an attempt to avoid an appearance of impropriety.