Repeal Obamacare, Don’t ‘Reform’ It

Slowly but surely, the anti-repeal wing of the Republican party is starting to reassert itself.  The latest effort comes from Lanhee Chen, who was the top policy advisor on the Mitt Romney campaign.  As readers will likely recall, that campaign refused to advance an alternative to Obamacare, failed to emphasize the horror that is Obamacare, and went 0-9 in the nine most important swing states.  Hot off of that success, Chen now has some advice for the rest of us.

Writing at Bloomberg View, Chen favorably discusses Avik Roy’s newly released proposal, which would jettison the repeal effort and work instead to refine and enlarge Obamacare.  Roy has written a lot of great stuff during the Obamacare debate, but his no-repeal message certainly isn’t offering conservatives the way forward from here.  Chen is nominally for repeal, but only after we first work to “reform” Obamacare and “improve” it.  He apparently thinks that, the better we can make Obamacare, the more determined the American people will be to get rid of it.