Rep. Palazzo Seeks to Outlaw ‘Wrongful Birth’ Lawsuits

Controversial “wrongful birth” lawsuits would be prohibited nationally under a bill  introduced in Congress by Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-Miss).

The “Every Child is a Blessing Act” (H.R. 4698), which has 49 co-sponsors in the House, would prohibit the recovery of damages in certain civil actions “based on a claim that, but for the conduct of the defendant, a child, once conceived, would not or should not have been born.”

“No child should ever have to hear they should have never been born,” Palazzo said in a statement last month when he introduced the bill.

“I believe every child is a blessing, and should be treated as such. Wrongful birth cases are a waste of judicial resources and amount to nothing more than court-sanctioned child abuse,” he said.

A wrongful birth suit is essentially a medical malpractice case, often against a doctor who fails to properly diagnose a disability or deformity in an unborn child, by parents who claim that if they had known of the defect, they would have aborted the child. Such lawsuits are already banned in 13 states.