Rep. Lamar Smith: Obamacare Fund Used to Promote Amnesty

A new “public health fund” created under Obamacare has turned into a political slush fund, financing projects that have little to do with providing affordable health care to Americans, according to a senior House lawmaker, former Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith.

In a blistering letter to House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers, Rep. Smith, a 10-term Texas Republican, wrote that the Prevention and Public Health Fund created under the 2010 healthcare overhaul is being used to finance television ads promoting amnesty programs for illegal aliens.

Smith pointed to a report by CNS News that the Department of Health and Human Services gave a $15 million grant to an organization called the California Endowment, a vocal advocate for Obamacare. Newsbusters (a media watchdog group which, like CNS News, is part of the Media Research Center) reported that one advertisement sponsored by the California Endowment which aired on the Spanish-language television outlet Univision “focuses not on health care, but rather on reminding undocumented [illegal] immigrants to renew their Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) permits.”