Rep. Fincher Introduces Bill to Combat Radicalization in Federal Prisons

U.S. Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-TN) introduced legislation last week to combat the ongoing radicalization of inmates in federal prisons.

“Over the years, our Federal prisons have become a breeding ground for radicalization. By allowing volunteers to enter the system without first having to undergo a comprehensive background check, some of the most vulnerable members of society have become susceptible to radicalization,” Fincher said in a press release.

His bill – the “Prevent Terrorism from Entering our Prisons Act of 2015” – would modify existing law to require that each volunteer who offers to work with prisoners at any federal penal or correctional institution be screened for known and suspected connections to domestic and international terror groups.

It would also require the volunteer to make his or her social media accounts available for screening by law enforcement.