Rep. Blackburn: ‘Constitution Does Not Put a Qualifier on Life’

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) used an ultrasound image of her own grandson to make a point about the sanctity of life during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on pro-abortion legislation that she opposes.

“Our Constitution does not put a qualifier on life,” she said on Tuesday, holding up a large, 3-D ultrasound image of her grandson:

“And I have to tell you how exciting it was for me to see this ultrasound. I was thrilled,” Blackburn said. “I could tell…three months before he was born, he had my eyes and nose. Now, for a grandmother, that’s a really big deal. I could see his hands. I could see his arms. And I could see him peacefully resting in his mother’s womb. That’s the wonder of science. That is life!

“Our Constitution does not put a qualifier on life. The pursuit of life, liberty — pursuit of happiness. Those protections — the right to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, (exist) even in the mother’s womb,” she said, referring to the famous words in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence.