Religious Leaders: ‘Civil Disobedience’ If Gay Marriage Legalized

Prominent Christians are readying a campaign of civil disobedience against any Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, writes Fox News radio host and columnist Todd Starnes.

With a decision expected this spring or summer after the justices heard arguments on Tuesday, the Christian activists are organizing their effort around a newly drafted manifesto called the “Pledge in Solidarity to Defend Marriage.”

Defenders of marriage as a heterosexual institution acknowledge that a majority could rule against them, making same-sex unions the law of the land.

“I’m calling for people to not recognize the legitimacy of that ruling because it’s not grounded in the rule of law,” Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel and a drafter of the pledge, told Starnes.

“They need to resist that ruling in every way possible. In a peaceful way — they need to resist it as much as Martin Luther King Jr. resisted unjust laws in his time.”

The campaign invokes the civil rights movement that employed sit-ins and marches to protest racial segregation in everything from lunch counters to college campuses.