Public High School Aborts Pro-Life Club

The Thomas More Society, a public interest law firm, sent a demand letter Tuesday to a public high school principal in Virginia after he refused to grant Madison Sutherland, a senior at the school, permission to start a pro-life club on campus.

“As there is no legally acceptable reason to reject Ms. Sutherland’s application, we request that you reverse your decision and promptly approve Ms. Sutherland’s request to establish, publicize, and actively run a pro-life student group at Courtland High School,” said the Thomas More Society’s letter.

“Should Courtland High School persist in its violation of the EAA [federal Equal Access Act] and Ms. Sutherland’s First Amendment rights, we are prepared to pursue the matter in court,” it said.

According to the law firm’s news release, Larry Marks, the principal at Courtland High School in Fredericksburg, Va., continually denied high school senior Madison Sutherland’s efforts to start a pro-life club, even after she filed all the necessary paperwork and found a faculty adviser to sponsor the group.