PSA: Scott Walker Isn’t Telling Colleges To Stop Reporting Rape

Rape on America’s college campuses is one of the many issues that get the feminist left into a frenzy. That’s not to say that sexual assault isn’t a serious issue–it is. But, the data is shoddy, and there is a case to be made that the new guidelines in combating rape on campus is an infringement on the rights of men in America.

Yet, since it’s one of the issues that animates the progressive base of the liberal America, what better way to strike at Gov. Scott Walker–a possible 2016 presidential candidate–by trying to say he wants colleges to stop reporting rape. There’s only one problem: it isn’t true.

Yesterday, the lefty-feminist site Jezebel reported that the governor had included this new policy in his proposed budget this year:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s proposed budget—which would cut $300 million dollars out of the state’s beloved public university system—has a non-fiscal bombshell tucked in between its insane pages.