Pro-Regulation Advocates to Obama: Improve Public Health in Lame Duck

Pro-regulation advocates are pushing President Obama to spend his next two years in office passing rules to protect public health, preserve the environment and keep workers and consumers safe.

The Center for Progressive Reform issued a report Friday detailing 13 regulatory actions coming from the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Labor and the Department of Transportation, that it’d like to see on the books by mid-2016.

“All are now years overdue, particularly considering the very serious health, safety and environmental effects they address,” CPR said in its report. “Each day, people get ill and too many die because earlier administrations dragged their feet on these problems.”

CPR said FDA safety standards for how produce is handled and packaged, how processed food is manufactured and how foreign foods are imported, will protect the public from catastrophic food-borne illnesses, citing the bacteria laden cantaloupe that recently killed 33 people and made another 147 people sick.

As for EPA proposals, CPR wants national performance standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuels power plants, a national ozone air pollution standard and permission for the EPA to electronically report and respond to water pollution violations.