Pro-Life Activists React To Rand Paul’s Eyebrow-Raising Comments On Abortion

Pro-life activists are reacting to recent eyebrow-raising remarks made by Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul, who told a crowd this week that political issues like abortion are not what drove him to run for office.

“I believe pro-life Americans would be surprised that Rand Paul does not consider life an issue that also motivated him to run…if that is truly his feeling,” one activist at a top pro-life organization told TheDC.

During a public appearance in Philadelphia on Monday, Paul, who has previously said he’s “100 percent pro-life,” answered a question about how much he will talk about the issue of abortion on the campaign trail.

“You know … I will answer the question as honestly as I can,” Paul said at the National Constitution Center. “I didn’t run for office because of this issue. It wasn’t what got me to leave my practice. And I ran for office mainly because I became concerned that we’re going to destroy the country with debt. That we would borrow so much money that we would just destroy the currency.”