Private Obamacare Investigator Says More Bad News Coming

Rich Weinstein, the private citizen uncovering the secrets behind the sneaky foundations of Obamacare that professionals can’t/won’t  warns there is more to come.  And it is not good.

“There’s still a lot of stuff that’s coming out,” Weinstein said. “People need to see it. It’s coming together. And for me, it’s really kind of relieving because … it’s stuff people should have been seeing for a long time. And I can finally it get out there. I just want people to think.”

“Rich, what is coming next?” Beck asked. “What is the one thing that you would say, ‘America, you need to know this’?”

Weinstein said Americans need to know that even if they survived the first wave of the Obamacare rollout with their insurance intact, there are measures built into the legislation that won’t come into effect for ten or twenty years, and employer-based insurance will be next.

“The Cadillac tax, people think is just for the high-end insurance plans,” he said. “But the way Dr. Gruber describes it on video, within a certain period of time, I don’t know if he said 10 or 20 years, it’s going to hit everybody, and it’s targeted at the employer sponsored insurance.”