Pope Francis Tells UN Chiefs to Protect the Unborn

Pope Francis met with the Secretary General of the United Nations along with the heads of all the major UN agencies. In his message he directly and indirectly mentioned the thorny UN issue of abortion.

Francis told the gathered heads of UN agencies, “Today, in concrete terms, an awareness of the dignity of each of our brothers and sisters whose life is sacred and inviolable from conception to natural death must lead us to share with complete freedom the goods which God’s providence has placed in our hands…”

Though not surprising, this is nonetheless significant since the Pope’s diplomats are often at loggerheads with these same agency heads who push for a global right to abortion.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See Raymond Flynn told Breitbart News:

With all the chaos in the world , war, torture, sexual kidnapping of innocent little girls in Africa, and genocide… what is the U.N. focused on? Trying to impose their radical political philosophy on the Catholic Church, who have done more to help end injustice than any country or organization in history.

Pope Francis is proving once again that a leader is most effective when being principled and humble, not arrogant and disrespectful – like Pope John Paul II before him, who stood up to tyranny and injustice and won the battle by winning the hearts and minds of people throughout the world.