Poll: Almost Half of Doctors Give Obamacare ‘D’ or ‘F’ Grade

Demoralized U.S. doctors who are down on Obamacare, and on an increasingly burdensome bureaucracy, are giving the president’s signature healthcare law mostly failing grades, says a new survey released Wednesday.

In the Physicians Foundation poll, 46 percent of doctors surveyed give the Affordable Care Act a “D” or “F,” while just 25 percent of the respondents give the new law an “A” or “B.”

The foundation said the results came from 20,000 responses to an emailed survey targeting American Medical Association doctors from March through June.

Their comments reflect a pessimistic prognosis for healthcare’s future.

“Physicians are not uniform in their perspectives,” the survey analysis noted, with younger doctors, female physicians, employed physicians and primary-care physicians “somewhat more positive” about the medical practice environment than their older, male, and specialist colleagues.

But, the survey found, “the majority of almost all groups suffer from low morale and express doubts about the direction of the healthcare system.”