Politico: Even Liberals Want Obamacare Employer Mandate Repealed

The unpopular, job-killing Obamacare provision that forces businesses with 50 or more employees to pick up the tab for workers’ health insurance or face a hefty tax has now lost support from even liberals, Politico Magazine reported Sunday.

Liberals ranging from President Barack Obama’s own former press secretary Robert Gibbs to the liberal Urban Institute and Commonwealth Fund say ditching the employer mandate makes sense and would reduce “distortions” in the labor market. Moreover, as they note, most large businesses already provide health insurance; the provision is only expected to increase coverage by 200,000 nationwide. Furthermore, Obamacare’s employer mandate compliance requirements layer costly and onerous compliance hurdles on job creators.

Chris Jennings, who helped the Obama White House with its Obamacare implementation, concedes that the employer mandate has become a “political irritant.” Jennings added, “The issue really becomes, ‘Do we need it or do we not need it?’ It’s complicated to enforce; it is somewhat burdensome to employers. But it does contribute to the underlying financing of the law.”