Planned Parenthood: We Need States To Defund Abstinence Programs

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, whose organization is arguing states cannot defund Planned Parenthood, said in 2008 that when Planned Parenthood failed to get the federal government to defund abstinence programs, they pushed for the states to do it.

During a Ford Hall Forum in Boston on May 28, 2008, Richards was asked about abstinence-based education: “You said that this teaching of abstinence is 10 years old? And how did that get passed?” a member of the crowd questioned.

“It actually started under the Clinton – as a small program and then what’s happened in the last eight years is it’s grown,” Richards replied.

“Honestly, as with other sometimes federal programs, once it began to grow and there was more money in it, a whole industry sort of, has been created – an abstinence only curriculum and programs and groups that get funded from the federal government to do abstinence only.”