Planned Parenthood Plans $20 Million War With Republicans

EMILY’s List has already compiled their list of Republicans they plan to target during next year’s election. Last June, they placed 15 House Republicans “on notice.” Now, Planned Parenthood, after months of playing defense, announced their $20 million war against Republicans for 2016 (via CNN):

“Extremists made the 2016 election about attacking reproductive rights,” Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, who was grilled extensively on Capitol Hill in September, said in a video announcing the effort Tuesday.The group is planning to focus on the White House and Senate races in a few key states, including New Hampshire, Ohio, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The states not only have potentially competitive Senate races, but are also key swing states on the presidential map.

The $20 million will be spent on a mix of volunteer and activist organizing in each state and advertising.

“Enough is enough,” Richards said in the video. “With our supporters, we’re launching ‘I Vote Planned Parenthood Action.’ We’ll organize and mobilize to elect lawmakers who are in our corner.”