Planned Parenthood Misleads, Women Testify at Congressional Hearing

Two women who survived abortions told a congressional hearing that Planned Parenthood, which is being investigated over its abortion and fetal tissue activities, already misleads people about what it does.

Planned Parenthood says it is for women’s rights, said Gianna Jessen, who showed pictures of her burned body when she was born at 7½ after a failed saline abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic in 1977.

“If abortion is about women’s rights, then what were mine?” she said.

“I have to say, as a woman who survived an abortion survivor, there is something wrong when health care and women’s empowerment is based on someone’s life ending,” said Melissa Ohden, founder of the Abortion Survivors Network. Ms. Ohden was also almost killed in a 1977 saline abortion, but she lived, thanks to two nurses who made sure she got medical care instead of being dumped “into a bucket of formaldehyde.”