Phony Obamacare Lawsuit Makes House GOP Look Tough on Obama

I think House and Senate Republicans should start their own movie studio and make movies.  They could star in them, and the plot would always be the same: how they are advancing the conservative agenda.  I say this because I see so much political theater on Capitol Hill, which, while entertaining on video, is meant to fool Republican voters into believing that they are fighting Obama.

The latest example?  The Republican “lawsuit” against Obamacare:

Angry at what they saw as the Obama administration’s frequent flouting of congressional authority, House Republicans last year began casting about for a way to fight back.

They are so tough, so brave!

Jo-Marie St. Martin, counsel to Speaker John A. Boehner and a ferocious defender of the rights of the House, quietly put the word out that the leadership was looking for potential lawsuit targets so it could challenge the White House in court.

She’s ferocious!