Pepsi Dumps Aspartame from Diet

Diet Pepsi will no longer contain the sweetener aspartame, conceding the argument over the controversial additive as the company makes a desperate bid to bring back soda drinkers.

Pepsico will switch to another sweetener for Diet Pepsi’s U.S. brands starting in August, moving from aspartame to a blend of sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

The second largest U.S. soda retailer appears to have relented in a long battle over perceptions of aspartame.

“Increasingly, U.S. diet cola drinkers have been asking us for a great tasting Diet Pepsi without aspartame,” the company said Friday. “We’ve worked hard perfecting an aspartame-free, zero-calorie diet cola to address this need.”

Aspartame is used in a myriad of diet drinks marketed by Pepsi and its rival Coca-Cola, which said Friday it won’t change its sweetener.