Oops: Obamacare Enrollees Forced To Unexpectedly Pay IRS For Billions in Subsidies

Put this under the “never ending Obamcare glitches” category.

The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations is looking into why the vast majority of H&R Block customers enrolled in Obamacare are being forced to pay the IRS hundreds of dollars after filing their tax returns. More from Fox News:

Committee investigators also point to an analysis by H&R Block that found almost two-thirds of its filers receiving an ObamaCare tax credit owed the government at the end of the year. On average, those filers were required to repay more than $700 of their ObamaCare subsidies. The study found most customers claiming the credits were confused about the requirements.

ObamaCare offers eligible consumers government-funded tax credits to buy insurance on exchanges. The federal government sets the amount based on a recipient’s stated income, family size and whether an applicant’s job offers health coverage. Generally, the health care law offers larger subsidies to those earning less, and with larger families. If a customer finishes the year earning more than they stated on their ObamaCare insurance application, the law requires them to repay a portion of the credit.