Old-school Smoking on the Decline as More People Pick Up E-cigarettes

In the New York Times on April 17th, Sabrina Tavernise wrote a piece about teenagers picking up e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) and speaking of them as something they consider “edgy and exciting.” One teenager interviewed said he liked the “smoke tricks” his friends do well, like vaping (exhaling) a tornado shape. The teen also spoke about enjoying menthol and berry flavorings. Though he has not smoked cigarettes, one cannot say e-cigarettes are a gateway drug, because it seems to be working in just the other direction for millions of Americans – meaning smokers are coming off cigarettes thanks to e-cigs.

So now consider this: Could e-cigarettes be discouraging teenagers from smoking cigarettes? What if there’s no nicotine in the cartridge? Hey, anything that reduces the number of “old-school” smokers is reducing health catastrophe across the board, so why the fuss about FDA and CDC control? It was the AMA, the American Medical Association, that led us to believe cigarettes were good for us in the first place. Need we look at the advertisements that featured doctors holding up cancer sticks and endorsing their “favorite brand?” After all, “More doctors smoke camels than any other cigarette!” – right? Let’s use common sense here. Even the teenagers who smoked cigarettes are switching to electronic/vapor. Why? They know how quickly commercial cigarettes wreck your physical health and your endurance (lung capacity). They feel it happen while attempting to play sports at the same level they did before the cigarette habit – and the difference is drastic. Most smokers who begin recreational activity quit playing early on and go for a smoke.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/050614_e-cigarettes_vaping_smoking.html#ixzz3heZRIYD1