‘Oh Thank Heaven!’: Obamacare and 7-Eleven

There are times when the totally absurd can be used as a teaching tool to drive home relevant points. For example, in politics, the way it works is to use off-the-wall, farcical illustrations to jolt the comatose into understanding the depth of the dysfunction currently threatening this nation.

To emphasize how detrimental ObamaCare would be and what government-run health care promises for the American people, one over-the-top example was the tongue-in-cheek prediction that one-day, 7-Eleven will double as a health clinic.

The point of the silly remark that medical treatment would be made available at convenience stores, where consumers could gas up after being scoped for acid reflux, was to stress that after the Affordable Care Act was fully instituted, things could get really bad.

Now here we are six years later, ObamaCare is law, and what we’re witnessing is no longer a laughing matter.

Urgent-care walk-in clinics are springing up all across America, and there is a very real possibility that Americans will be herded like cattle toward drug and convenience stores for uncomplicated yearly check-ups.

With the appropriate coupon, potential “patients” could be lured into 7-Eleven with the promise of a complimentary Big Gulp and, for two or more procedures, a Slurpee brain freeze and a Big Bite.