Obese and ‘Oppressed’ in Ferguson

One comfort America and the world can take away from the Ferguson, Missouri protests is that contrary to the alarms raised by the Left that the black underclasses are malnourished and downtrodden, the visual images of the protest marchers from Ferguson most assuredly put this liberal assertion to the lie. Watch those people pass by the news network cameras and one observation that leaps out at you is the unrelenting human tonnage lending its literal weight to that procession. America overall is overweight, no question, but what is on parade here appears to signal that obesity, ranging from exceptional to deadly, is an accepted cultural norm in the black community.

To hear the media and the advocacy organizations, this is a segment of society suffering from the depredations of poverty imposed upon them by a racist white America. Viewing these protest processions, what we see is a segment of American society that clearly eats plenteously if not healthily. The only examples of malnutrition visible would appear to be the shirtless, juvenile males eager to parade their six-pack abs before the network cameras. The older males demonstrate the inevitable and ultimate loss of that vanity, a reality that overtakes us all, regardless of race.

Survey any group of young white liberals and I’ll wager they would heartily agree that blacks in America are malnourished as an automatic extension of their overall poverty rate. It is a liberal trope that the black community in America is deprived of the basics of existence by a cold, conservative, uncaring white majority; we heartless conservatives are starving those poor black folks for no other reason than the pigment in their skins.