Obama’s Mind-Boggling Contradiction on Abortion

As it has been widely reported, President Obama spent some time chatting up Obamacare to the Catholic Health Association on Wednesday. While most of the mainstream media reported on his dire warnings about any potential repeal of the law, only the pro-life media reported on his comments about the dignity and rights of every human being.

This is how our friends at CNSNews.com reported on the president’s talk.

“My first job in Chicago–when I moved after college to work as a community organizer–my first job was funded by the Campaign for Human Development, an anti-poverty initiative of the Catholic Church,” said Obama in his talk to the Catholic Hospital Association. “And my first office was at Holy Rosary Church on the South Side of Chicago, across from Palmer Park.”

It was in the context of this work, Obama explained, that he saw “that every human being, made in the image of God, deserves to live in dignity.”

“There were times where I felt like quitting, where I wondered if the path I’d chosen was too hard,” said Obama.

“But despite these challenges, I saw how kindness and compassion and faith can change the arc of people’s lives,” he said. “And I saw the power of faith–a shared belief that every human being, made in the image of God, deserves to live in dignity; that all children, no matter who they are or where they come from or how much money they were born into, ought to have the opportunity to achieve their God-given potential; that we are all called, in the words of His Holiness Pope Francis, ‘to satisfy the demands of justice, fairness, and respect for every human being.’”

For those who give a moment’s thought to children in the womb who are killed legally each day by abortion — a policy the President vigorously supports — the disconnect is mind-boggling.