Obama’s ‘Energy-No, Pot-Yes’ Policy

The Obama administration has made it easier to grow marijuana on Indian lands than to produce oil and gas.

A bill approved by the House this week aims to end what one senior Republican calls the Obama administration’s “double standard” when it comes to growing pot, an illegal act under federal law, and producing oil and gas from fracking on tribal lands.

“What’s bizarre is that for energy production, the administration interprets Indian lands as federal lands, but for pot production, these same lands are interpreted as being non-federal lands,” says Rep. Rob Bishop, the Utah Republican who is chairman of the Natural Resources Committee and is lead sponsor of the bill.

It’s an “Energy,-no, pot-yes” policy, he said.

The bill, the Native American Energy Act, attempts to change that by drawing a line of distinction between what is federal and non-federal land when it comes to oil and gas production on American Indian lands.