Obama’s ‘Ebola Czar,’ Returning to Private Sector by March

Ron Klain, who was named by President Barack Obama in October to oversee the Ebola crisis in the United States, is returning to the private sector early next year.

Klain, 53, will rejoin former AOL chief Steve Case at his Case Holdings firm by March 1, Fortune magazine reports. He will serve as Case Holdings’ president and general counsel for its venture-capital operation, Revolution LLC.

Case told Fortune of the plan, which was confirmed by a White House official.

“He has no intention of staying on in any other capacity here at the White House,” the Obama administration official said. “Ron will do the job for which he was appointed and return to Revolution.”

Klain took a leave of absence from Revolution to join the administration as its “Ebola czar,” after public alarm over the Oct. 8 death of a Liberian man who contracted Ebola abroad and died in the United States.