ObamaCare’s Hold Growing Stronger

ObamaCare is entering the pivotal year of 2016 on a stronger footing, with healthcare officials touting stronger-than-expected demand so far in this year’s sign-up season.

Over the past year, the Obama administration has driven the uninsured rate to record lows and beat back its last major Supreme Court challenge, helping to soften the often-sharp politics of the healthcare law ahead of a presidential election year.

Signups in recent weeks have beaten last year’s totals while also bringing in a larger share of key populations like young people under age 35, signaling good news for health insurers.

“The marketplace is strong and growing,” Marketplace CEO Kevin Counihan said Tuesday after releasing extensive data on this year’s signups.

Still, major obstacles are ahead, namely a presidential contest that could result in a dismantling of the law if a Republican wins the White House.

ObamaCare also remains a political loser, with 40 percent of voters approving and 52 percent disapproving of the law, according to a New York Times/CBS poll released this month.