Obamacare’s Glitchy Website Hinders Thousands Asked to Verify Citizenship

Three hundred thousand people who enrolled in Obamacare have been asked to submit proof of citizenship or risk losing their insurance. Many who have tried to comply are finding the healthcare.gov website to be more of an obstacle than a convenience.

The problems with citizenship verification were reported by USA Today Thursday. The paper reports that 310,000 notices were sent out earlier this month requesting proof of citizenship. In order to respond by the deadline next week, individuals need to be able to upload the requested documents on to healthcare.gov.

So far the glitchy website has created a problem at every step in the process. As USA Today notes, all Obamacare passwords were changed in April. As a result some people are having trouble just logging on to the site. For those who do manage to get in some are unable to upload requested documents. Finally, even those who successfully upload documents are being told by CMS, the division of HHS which manages the site, that the documents are not being received.